NetLive games

NetLive games

NetLive Trust Game

Imagine there are games that you can play on your iPhone, tablet or browser, which are both fun and educational and give you and your company insights that have been impossible to detect up to now. At NetLive we have developed such games. Take for instance our Trust Game based on the prisoner's dilemma. A very nice explanation of the prisoner's dilemma is found here:

Prisoner's dilemma explanation


Why play NetLive games?

Playing a NetLive game is a compelling, indirect way to get useful information from your employees without having to conduct surveys. The games have been developed in such a way that you can understand and influence the behavior of people in your organization. Employees play with each other via the browser or the app. Our Network Game increases the trust between employees, needs almost no explanation and does not require more than a few minutes a week. Through this 'serious game' the informal network of your organization can be mapped. The quality of this informal network is a measure of the innovative strength of the organization.


You will discover which individuals contribute to the success of your company and discover  who the star players of the organization are. You will also discover how the knowledge and strengths of the organization will be fortified even more and you can evaluate the pleasure with which knowledge is shared and built upon within your organization. NetLive games are FUN!

Interested in NetLive games?

We are happy to give a presentation and we can let you play a trial version of the game. We also offer tailor-made advice to help you to take your organization to a higher level by means of an instructive and fun game.

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