How is your network capital value?


  • How is your network capital value?Is knowledge in your organization being shared?

    How is the cooperation between departments?

    Are there "hidden" leaders that make or break your teams?

    Can colleagues find each other?

    Are newly introduced skills and information actually applied?

    Do your employees truly get the strategic path of the organization?

    Are your teams ready for the appropriate level of autonomy?



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We are unique and differentiated in offering online serious gaming apps for business that build trust and knowledge sharing among employees in a playful and informal way. A very nice example is our Trust Game based on the 'prisoner's dilemma'...


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NetLive is building the future into your Organization. Our immense powerful easy to use software will give you incredible insights into the quality, dynamics and origins of your potential...



In the NetLive Academy the latest scientific insights and practices around Network Capital building and analysis are shared and made accessible for...


Demo version Network Capital Monitor

Do you agree that within your organization people should talk and listen more instead of quieting away in a corner?And are you curious how NetLive can help you realize that?...

Netwerk Capital is the sum of implemented Social Capital within an organization. Watch the explanation of Social Capital by the authority in this field of expertise: Karen Stephenson!

Want to improve your social capital in your organization?

Caused by unprecedented technological developments and possibilities organizations are more and more challenged to keep up with their competition. Traditional management practices are no longer sufficient to optimally use the productive potential of its employees. So it is time to change the tune and turn the wheel. By using our software and services you will no longer be blind to the social capital in your organisation. Social capital is the fundament to a successful, innovative and flexible organization. NetLive is specialised in discovering, developing and  successfully deploying the Network Capital (which is the total of social capital in your organization. Would you also like to bring your Network Capital to the next level? Start today and make an appointment with one of our specialists.

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