Network Capital

The sum of social capital in your organization

NetLive services

In addition to our games, NetLive offers various services with which we can greatly improve the network capital within different organizations. Our powerful, yet user friendly software gives you powerful insights into the nature, quality and dynamics of social networks within the social networks in your organization. We use the latest, academically proven techniques.

Network Capital Monitor

The Network Capital Monitor is a tool that provides insight into the social capital of your organization. With this monitor, you will get to know the quantity and quality of your social capital, as well as its applied value. The social capital is evaluated in terms of innovative abilities, alignment with strategic goals, capacity to change, social cohesion and trust, as well as decision-making power and innovative capabilities. You will receive a written report with analysis of aforementioned themes, and tips to optimize and use the networks and alignment with your strategies. You can request an example report using the form provided.

Netlive NCM Analysis

With the NCM Analysis the quality of cooperation and knowledge sharing can be analyzed. This is done on the basis of a thorough analysis of your organization and your specific needs. Using a 20-30 minute survey, participants share how they communicate with their colleagues. The data is analyzed and interpreted on the basis of your objectives. You will then receive a detailed report of our findings and clear opportunities for improvements based on the data. We will then work together with the key people in your organization to implement improvement plans.

Using NetLive services?

Please contact us. As a specialist in network capital solutions we can provide you with tailor-made advice. We set high standards for ourselves and aim for the best. Something we will share with gusto with your employees.